He's So Vane!

Way back many moons ago, Cliff bought a copper rooster weather vane for my Daddy while on the way to visit him in Mississippi. While there he was deposited on top of my Daddy's red barn and lived there for many years turning and pointing in the Hot Mississippi Delta Wind. Through the years he turned green as copper is prone to do. Daddy said, "He's a proud rooster, but he really could be prouder!" So he took him down and painted him bright colors and put him back on the roof of the barn.

In 1997 Daddy moved to San Antonio to live with us. On one of the last trips to Mississippi to pick up more of his things, Cliff climbed up on the roof and took Mr. Roo off the barn, put him in the back of his truck and down to Texas he came!

Not long after, we began building our house and since we have a detached garage, we all thought that Mr Roo should have a prominent position right on top of the garage. He lived up there for years until we had a terrible hail storm and knocked his tail right off into the back yard....Needless to say we had to have the roof replaced on our home and garage so we decided that, "He's a proud rooster but he could be prouder!"

Out came the paint, on went his tail and Prouder he Became again!!

The next day, he was on his way up the high up the ladder onto our two-story garage!

And here he stands! Proud as can be, spinning and pointing in the Hot South Texas Wind!

The End.....

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